What we do?

  • We meet at a stationary game jam with 200+ people. But we also invite anyone who would like to participate online. 
  • From 8 to 10 July, we are creating games at the game jam in Warsaw and online. 
  • A place to work and sleep, food and drink provided by the organizers, allows us to focus on game development for 48 hours. 
  • We use the help of mentors to make our games better and better. 
  • We allocate even $20 000 for prizes for the most exciting projects. 
  • With our games, we support the global promotion of Ukrainian heritage. 
  • We leave richer in knowledge, experience, and contacts.


1st place: $9 000


2nd place: $4 500


3rd place: $2 500


The jury will also award four distinctions (PLN $1 000 each).

All prizes are gross.


1.07.2022 Friday


18:00 CET

“Talk on game devs in Ukraine, Ukrainian cultural heritage, and Russia’s invasion”
Marta Vitos and Elena Lobova, moderated by Tim Cullings from Global Game Jam

9:00AM PST

8.07.2022 Friday

Main stage + streamed

16:00 CET

Doors open + badge pickup

7:00AM PST

18:00 CET

Official kickoff

9:00AM PST

18:30 CET

“How to survive Game Jams”
talk by Airidas Janonis, Moonleaf Studio

9:30AM PST

Game Jam area

19:00 CET

Team building
onsite & on Discord

10:00AM PST

9.07.2022 Saturday

Game Jam area

9:00 CET

History and Culture of Ukraine
talk by Tetyana Filevska, Creative Director of the Ukrainian Institute

0:00AM PST

10:00 CET

Threats to Ukrainian heritage from Russian aggression
talk by Ihor Poshyvailo

1:00AM PST

10.07.2022 Sunday

Main stage + streamed

11:59 CET

Game submission deadline

2:59AM PST

12:03 CET

Ukrainian concert

3:03AM PST

14:40 CET

Announcing 10 finalists

5:40AM PST

15:00 CET

Finalists game pitches

6:00AM PST

16:30 CET

Official award ceremony

7:30AM PST

17:00 CET

Closing of the event

8:00AM PST


  • You can meet us on-site at the Creative Industries Development Center,
  • or consult us on Discord.

  • We will pass on our knowledge of game development to you,
  • answer your questions,
  • talk about your ideas,
  • and give you feedback on them.

Maciej Stanecki

Video Production Specialist. Interested in storytelling for different kinds of video projects

Kacper Domański

Programmer/Designer @ The Astronauts, Slavic Game Jam founder and organizer

Grzegorz Zajączkowski

Digital Champion of EC for Poland

Vadzim Varabyou

Gamedev programmer since 2013

Michał T. Gąsior

Managing technical projects in GovTech Center

Olexiy Izvalov

Indie game developer and PhD in technical studies

Oleksandr Kovalenko

Producer at Weird Fish

Jessica Szarek

Game Programmer at Cobble Games




CEO Stardrifters, IGP

Jakub Marszałkowski

Game Industry Conference, IGP

We update the mentors daily...

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will game jam use a Discord server?
Yes, the server is already running; check it out here: https://discord.gg/MAjbxwZBP3 

Using the above link, you can e.g., form your team. Further functionalities will be added one by one; if you need anything – please, let us know, and we will do our best to help.

Q: How many members can one team have? Can I jam solo?
Sure, you can… But creating with your team is better and more efficient.
We encourage you to build a team, but we need to limit the number of members to up to 5 people. We have run many game jams, and our experience shows that bigger teams just don’t work. 

Q: I have no team. Can I find it at the game jam?

At the dozen game jams we’ve organized so far, a lot of teams were formed on an ad hoc basis. That’s the point of jamming: it’s about meeting new people and getting to know their working methods

Usually, our game jams worked on the basis that many members formed their teams onsite before the competition started. And this is the point of jamming: it’s all about meeting new people and their working methods.

Find your teammates on our Discord:

You can also announce yourself on FB:

Even if you don’t find a team before the jam, come. Many teams only form after the theme is announced, if only around ideas of what game to make. We will also be there to animate the participants and help them form groups.

Q: What will you provide for the participants onsite?

We warmly invite you to the hospitable space of Centrum Rozwoju Przemysłów Kreatywnych at 65 Mińska Street in Warsaw!

The organizers provide workspace (tables and chairs), electricity, internet, food, drinks, separate sleeping areas (with mattresses), and showers, not to mention professional mentors.

Q: Are mixed teams allowed: onsite + online people?

Just make a cool game.

Q: I’m a graphic designer/musician/screenwriter, but I can’t program. Is there any point in coming?

Absolutely yes!
At game jams, we see a small surplus of programmers. Especially graphic designers are needed, but other specializations are welcome. Even if you have never made a game, it is worth coming to. After all, game jams are for learning. 

Q: I have registered to participate online. Do I have to fill out the form again if I decide to come?

Yes. However, please update your information or fill out the form again with the same identifying information (email, phone number). This is important because we need to know how many people will be there. With this knowledge, we can provide you with food. 

Q: I have another question…

Please feel free to ask. We are available both on Discord and through the Facebook event:


We’ll be updating the FAQ regularly.


After the break, we are back to stationary game jams! Participants will have 48 hours to create a game that will express their support for fighting Ukraine and show the richness of Ukraine's cultural heritage. The winners will receive prizes totaling $20,000!

For whom?

For all interested in games who want to develop their skills in creating them. We are waiting not only for complete teams but even for single people who want to find a team at the jam. We need not only programmers but also graphic artists, designers, musicians, scriptwriters...

Where and how?

The event takes place in Warsaw, at Minska 65, but you can also participate online. More information can be found on this page, in the Facebook event, and on Discord.